Friday, 30 December 2011


Circle the correct conjunction.
  1. Robert likes bull – fighting (but, because) hates fencing.
  2. Sewing (or, and) gardening are my grandmother’s hobbies.
  3. Walk along Jalan Shahbandar ( so ,or ) that you will reach there faster.
  4. Ah Leng’s husband  wakes up early (because,and) he works in another town.
  5. Were Charlie (and, because) Maggie happy with their UPSR results?
  6. Do I need to consult a doctor (and,or) a specialist?
  7. He is lonely (because,so) he telephoned his friend
  8. Anne can either keep her hair long (or, but) cut it short
  9. My favourite dish is laksa (because,but) my sister likes roti canai.
  10. Mr Lau telephoned me (because, or) he wanted some help