Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Underline the correct answers.

  1. That cow is looking for its (calf,kid,cub).
  2. The (caterpillar,chick,kid) turns  into a butterfly.
  3. The cat (purrs.barks,chirps) softly when i stroke it.
  4. At night, the horses are kept in a (kennel,stable,nest).
  5. The lion (moos,roars,bellows) loudly when it is angry.
  6. The mosquito was  caught in the spider’s (nest,hive,web).
  7. The duck and its (chicks,cubs,ducklings) waddle to the pond.
  8. When the rabbit saw the little boy, it (ran,galloped,hopped) away.
  9. My sister saw a mouse (scampered,hopped,trotted) across the room.
  10. The snake ( crawls,runs,slithers) into the bushes when it sees the hunter.

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