Thursday, 22 December 2011

Grammar ( NOUNS )

Nouns  are words that refer to people,places and things .

Common nouns  are names given to  people,places and things .

a.   People  -> man,boy,girl,husband,uncle,niece,king
b.  Animals -> cat,tiger,ant,eagle,shark,monkey,horse,duck
c.   Places -> school,field,cinema,house,zoo,hospital
d.  Things  -> fork,ring,book,desk,cup,tie,spoon,chair,bus

Proper nouns  are names given to people and places.

a.   People  -> Nur SufiA,Faris,Firdaus,Marina,Lee,Raju.
b.  Places -> Bukit  Jalil Sports Complex,K.L. Tower.
c.   Countries and cities  -> Malaysia,India,Australia

Countable nouns  are nouns that can be counted.

a.   One boy
b.  Twenty oranges
c.   Six horses

Uncountable nouns  are nouns that cannot be counted.

a.   Sand
b.  Oil
c.   Water

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