Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Transport ( EXERCISE )

Underline the correct answer.

  1. An (ambulance,aeroplane,bus) is used to carry sick or injured people to hospital.
  2. Yahya drives his (aeroplane,jeep,bicycle) when he has to travel into the jungle.
  3. A (van,speedboat,coach) is a comfortable bus used to carry passengers for long distances.
  4. Several (helicopters,fighter,trishaws) were used to rescue the injured climbers on Gunung Tahan.
  5. A (raft,cart,scooter) has two wheels and is usually pulled by an animal.
  6. A vehicle which moves on a cushion of air is called a (junk,hovercraft,taxi).
  7. There are several (trucks,ships,aeroplanes) parked in the hangar.
  8. A (junk,sampan,speedboat) is a boat with a motor which can travel very fast.
  9. Sufia rented a (lorry,ambulance,bus) to carry all the furniture to his  new house.
  10. People who ride on (trains,motorcycles,ships) should wear helmets

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